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This might also help you in discovering new ways of using your palette. Select your favorite social network to get started.

Apply a light layer of mascara to blend your natural lashes and your fake eyelashes together, to make look more natural. Tinkerbell big tits. I began by applying Dust, a light shimmery pink with a hint of sparkle, all over my mobile eyelid, which as I am always saying, is the part that moves when you blink.

This is an everyday smoky eye that you can pull off in any setting. Eyeshadow tutorial naked 3. I am also a really big fan of the brush that comes with it. Which of these looks do you like the best? I found this shade to be slightly more powdery than some of the others, so you may need to use a primer first if you have especially oily skin. Sarah April 1, - This tutorial of mine is a classic example of the basic techniques you can practice in color placement and switch the colors to your liking from there on.

Apply HIGH to the inner corner of the eye. You may remember back when Kelly put together a massive xoVain gift guide that I wished really hard for Santa to bring me the Urban Decay Naked3 palette. I tried one of these looks out this morning and it came out really light. I personally use a mascara, under eye eyeliner, and lid eyeliner. Zulay henao nude photos. Lastly, you can try to use the colors with a wet brush. If you try these looks, please post them to my Facebook page or. I will also be reveiwing this palette soon however i dont think i can compete with these looks.

Blend with an eyeshadow blush. Previous The M Crowd Spills: Highlight your brow bone using a small, flat makeup brush. Petra June 21, - 8: I am glad that I have all of these Naked 3 Tutorials in my arsenal of pins to refer back to for later! Which one would you most like to try? I have failed miserably at trying to do anything close to what you have shown above and today I tried the first look and it came out SO good!

I like this look because you get the best of both worlds -- light makeup with still a dramatic effect. Pick up Sauced to blend out the edges and make it look more seamless. Blend this slightly with some dry shadow to soften the line afterwards. Take Armor and apply to your entire lid. Guerlain Rouge G Customizable Lipsticks. Dawn chorus and the blue tits. This cancels out any redness or discoloration and allows the eyeshadows to show true to their actual color.

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For me, I just love following tutorials for different makeup looks so I had a thought that many of you may be looking for Naked 3 tutorials to go with your brand new palette!

Dust, Buzz and Trick. This shadow is so shiny that it shows up best if you slightly dampen your brush before applying it. Busty milf tittyfuck. Thank you for making it so easy to understand and duplicate! Sarah January 2, - 3: I do have a lot of trouble keeping these colors to show up as seperates. Please let me know if you have any questions along the way: After your brush gathers the powder, I highly recommend tapping any excess powder off.

Dust, Burnout, Nooner Place Dust on the inner corner of the eye, Burnout in the middle of the eyelid and Nooner on the outer half of the eyelid — blend the colors together until they merge seamlessly.

Go back and forth with this shadow, taking time to blend your shadows together. I mix a drop of contact lens solution in with my shadow, and using a thin brush mine is a very fine paintbrushtrace the shape that I want my liner to be. Using Blackheart, go over Nooner on the outer corner until you achieve the desired intensity, keep blending.

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Under the eyes, I used a tiny bit of Trick on the outside corner, then gently lined my under-eyes with MAC Technakhol liner in Greyprint. I am fussy about my brushesbut this one is a definite keeper.

Blend with an eyeshadow blush. I love how you came up with a foolproof way to go from day to night with ease, too. Eyeshadow tutorial naked 3. A detail blending brush such as Sigma E36 is great for this as it gives you more precision and control. Asian huge tits sex. I can see how much work goes into it. Blend this slightly with some dry shadow to soften the line afterwards. I have tried out all of these looks for different events. Also apply in your inner corner.

I found this shade to be slightly more powdery than some of the others, so you may need to use a primer first if you have especially oily skin. Please let me know if you recreate any of the looks from the post: The Make-up Family August 13, - 1: Previous The M Crowd Spills: Apply Buck on your outer V and the inner corner of your eyelid. Drag some into your crease to blend some more. Apply Pistol on the center of your lid using a flat brush for a light shimmer.

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Kick ass girl I used 1 as a guide for my NYE look last night, it was soft and pretty for dinner at an elegant steakhouse.
Big tits ggg Hi Ashley, yes I used Urban Decay eye primer to prep my eyes.
Milf over 40 gallery Really appreciate the feedback: Next I took Blackheart, most perfect of all UD shades, and applied it underneath my lower lash line, along my upper lash line, and following the natural crease of my eye. The only downside of this palette — as with the previous Naked palettes is the lack of matte shades.
Licking tits porn Line the bottom lashline with Blackheart. These Looks are amazing!!!!!
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