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Glory for the winner, Humiliation for the loser Kenny's compound leg fracture during the ice skating competition. Is kd lang a lesbian. I think I fucked up by putting that stuff in the show. Kenny hotz naked. I like when you do counterintuitive things, like hiring a male stripper to give him an erection.

He was so happy and wouldn't shut up about what pussies we all were. Rather odd though, in that they are able to show a puppet wearing a gigantic floppy erect dildo completely uncensored, but when Spenny starts putting that very same puppet's member in his mouth, they have to censor it. Some of the competitions include:.

Also what do you think of it? You are the reason I do what I do. Princess Leia shimmying with R2D2? Both Hotz and Rice have expressed interest in a film adaptation of Kenny vs. Even Evil Has Standards: Who can catch the most butterflies? For once they were the ones not screaming for mercy. Who can be the biggest dickhead? But in the episode "Who Can Go the Longest Without Touching the Floor", he lost because he was spending too much time trying to scare Spenny into defeat while playing super-villain, and ends up losing his balance.

It was produced by Breakthrough Films and Television since its inception. Irish girls nude pics. The first time they met Spenny, the next day they told me 'Do not ever bring that guy out, ever again.

Kenny hotz naked

I mean honestly, the dead octopus episode you guys did should be one of the most famous half hours ever televised. In "Who Has the Bigger Balls", Spenny threatens to actually jump off of a cliff to the rocky waters below unless Kenny forfeits.

Are you proud of Kenny vs. There's not a laugh until act three. Also, Spenny has nowhere near Kenny's social skills: How did you get out of it? What 1 humiliation would destroy Spenny? Throw the Dog a Bone Sure, Kenny's film crew get to have a lot more fun and excitement than Spenny's team.

Is their rivalry a positive example of competition or a negative one? In "First Person to Talk Loses", it seems Spenny's laptop's text-to-speech program has fallen passionately in love with Kenny. For the most part, averted. Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice. So I could use the word "Gruanckreepruck". Retrieved from " http:

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He was so disgusted with what he did that he rushed home early, let Spenny out, and then let Spenny win the fight. Kenny's is Zontar lord of the underworld.

Spenny usually follows the rules and his ethics very strictly. Sexy xxx mallu. The show first aired on CBC Television. Ben January 5, at And Knowing Is Half the Battle: Shane February 28, at Who is the better Canadian? Get Known if you don't have an account. For characterization, Kenny went from "mildly entertained by rigging the contest, but still a good friend" to "unrepentant Jerkass who spends most of his time thinking up the next borderline-illegal plan he can use to win a competition".

If he loses have him walk out trying to hitch hike with pantie hoes and a tight black skirt with some shitty slutty red blouse on.

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In one episode, Spenny remarked that he was the king of the show's "endurance competitions". You can only be wearing 1 article of clothing and shoes. Every once in a while in the commentaries, the usually dry Spenny will admit when something Kenny does is "amusing". Kenny hotz naked. If I was really afraid of getting hurt, I just wouldn't do the show.

Fuck the rest of your questions. Michelle monaghan lesbian. His body is used a few times for humiliations. I think 'fart' was my all-time favorite. Spenny collected ants to pour down Kenny's suit but the attack is used on him by Kenny while Spenny is gloating about how he will use the ant ants to win.

Who is the more convincing priest? Already have an account? Here goes the next few hours of my day discovering your insanity. Spenny stood on the corner of a busy intersection dressed in 18th-century clothes and proclaiming that he had a small penis whilst waving a bell around. Is it any good? I did a lot of things in the show to mislead Spenny, this was one of them.

I'm not ashamed of who I am. Parents need to know that this series which is executive produced by the creators of South Park is all about two young men who compete in really dumb, gross activities -- from trying to measure and excel at flatulence to gorging themselves on meat to resisting getting an erection. The winner of the competition gets to assign a "humiliation", an embarrassing task that the loser must perform.

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In a very rare moment of calmness, Spenny only reacts with quiet bafflement and saying he should leave a note about it next time. Nude pictures porn stars. Like me on Facebook. It consists of Kenny and Spenny getting naked and generally staying around the house until either the time limit for the competition is reached or if either competitor puts on a piece of clothing.

GJS February 4, at 4: It works every time. The judge of the episode deducts marks from him for it, and there's even a cutaway to his most egregious example. Every now and then there's the occasional episode where Kenny decides to just ignore the competition entirely to simply indulge in himself, or to torment Spenny, usually both.

You need to login to do this. Kenny hotz naked. Poker is very hot right now, so how about: In who can be the better news reporter, Spenny does the exact thing a reporter is not supposed to do, which is chase after ambulances and police cars to try and snoop on them for a story, which ends up causing the men to get really pissed at Spenny. Pippa middleton naked pictures Based on 5 reviews.

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