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When Hive beat down the Vex they weren't finished and the same goes for when Guardians beat the Vault of Glass. Large group of naked girls. The Nine, apparently to us Guardians, were supposedly in existence before humans met the Vex but that doesnt mean that the Vex, or for that matter the Traveller were unaware of us.

Want to add to the discussion? From these beginnings as Warminds the human dependancy on technology and AI may have begun and survived the collapse and continue to be relevant to us in the form of Xur and his wares. Destiny dunes in the rlc lounge. Day beach and dune.

The vex precede mankind by billions of years. Destiny dunes nude. Also, a lot of the hyphenated names given to the enemies Ma'aul reminds me of Dune names Muad'dib. While most future sci-fis got several hundred to maybe a millennium forward, the Dune universe exists tens of thousands of years in the future after humanity has discarded significant technological advances as well as written records of history prior to the butlerian jihad.

My first full nude D what do you think f amateurnude. Before the extension of his works by his son the nature of the enemy is not explicit at all. There are some clear links between Destiny and Dune, but only if one only includes Frank Herbert's original novels in the analysis. I think the Warminds and their unpredictably destructive use of force at time harkens back the Dune series and the Butlerian Jihad which takes places before the first Dune book startsexcept in Destiny we are trying to reactivate the war machines in order to help push back the Darkness.

I don't think it's ever stated that the Nine have any connection to the Warminds. Naked girl in pillory. But my point was that if Venus can be terraformed then Pluto prob could be also. Solo girl Christy Marks showing off her huge boobs atop dune buggy. Yes asians can have pink nips amateurasianspinknips. Who finally got a PS4? The Vex have been detailed in passing in the Grimoire but their motivation and origin is ultimately not fixed yet.

Miranda Mirelli lies down and stretches out on the hot white sand dunes. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Nudepuss - dunes - set 1. Ix orbits the triple star system Alkaluropswhich is light years from Earth, thus necessitating Navigators to fold there. The Best of Exposed Wife Donita. You can see Bungie taking little details from many different places.

Destiny dunes in the rlc lounge 57 porn. Naked women camel toe. So the worm plays a central role in the Swiss cheese of a story that Destiny has. Destiny diamond 22 porn. There is nothing original in the whole world, I'm sure Dune has had a huge influence on the writers of Destiny. It could be that the Vex is the big bad enemy that he Butlerian Jihan in Dune fought against.

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New bikini at the dunes in michigan. Ebony destiny 29 porn. Black booty lesbian sex. Sorry Ive been gone I was working on my tan What do you think f amateurgone. As a kid, I learned the hard way that "invincible" didn't mean "invisible" as a kid because Harkonnen's troops were described as such.

Does this mean that Paul Atreides often gets Cabal stomp stuck in his head too? Who is to say that Pluto, already suspiciously orbiting against the grain of the rest of the planets and far distant wasnt already home to a travelling alien species trying itself to survive after being chased out from its home system and setting up here and ultimately teaming up with refugee humans for mutual benefit.

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The Ixian economy depends on manufacturing complex machinery, which sometimes flouts the moral-juridical proscriptions of the Butlerian Jihad. Donita Dunes 19 latex. I read the co-authored books and understand your point. Dune inspired Tatooine and Star Wars inspired and continues to inspire every scifi that came afterwards.

Ok, firstly, I have some differenced with the points you brought up, namely the similarities between teh Vex and teh AI machine dependence in the Dune series, here I'm assuming we're talking about the complete series including the prequels done by Frank's son and the Co-author. Compare this to the Dune series. Secret shoot in the dunes. Sucking tits and licking pussy. I recall the Xur line is that the Traveller has a "dark shadow", not a mirror. Destiny dunes nude. Yes asians can have pink nips amateurasianspinknips. Probably not in actuality.

When Hive beat down the Vex they weren't finished and the same goes for when Guardians beat the Vault of Glass. May be there is some sources for ideas, vut no, Destiny is not part of Dune. Sexy pornstar Donita Dunes up close and personal. If you look into other material you wil probably see Bungie taking ideas from that, which they in turn took from Dune.

Dune was what made me want to do my homework in 7th grade, hahaha, I wasn't allowed to play games unless I finished my shit, and that was my reward, I wasted many a long days playing that game, only rivaled by crash bandicoot and goldeneye at that particular time in life, then I got a surfboard, and forgot what video games were, hahaha. Starfire naked comics. Maybe I'm wrong but that's kind of a huge deal if I missed it.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Mature woman in the dunes of Maspalomas. Want to add to the discussion? Some pretty good stuff but I can't buy in because all I want is Cayde-6 to somehow be a descendant of Malcolm Reynolds. Gorgeous blonde with tanned tits is stroking her hard nipples. My last post got removed as it was already a top post here so heres another photo of me I think I prefer this one anyway pornremovedphotopreferanyway. It is equally possible that our utilisation of the Warminds will lead to the crippling dependance on technology that FH describes and that a future version of Destiny will feature Guardians fighting against AIs that seek to enslave.

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The AI machines in the the Dune series as i recall this was 12 years ago or so when I read it sought to enslave humanity, while the Vex seem to want to just destroy. I dont know where i read that about vex. Naked brunette wife shower 0 naked shower. Www xxx sexy photo. Naked brunette wife shower. Bianca - Golden Duna. Destiny dunes nude. However I would imagine that some of those responsible for writing the lore of Destiny would be fans of Dune and as such a few bits have been snuck in here and there. Sexy naked gap Destino destiny 84 porn.

Like the guy says- Inspiration. Glamorous milf posing in lingerie and stockings at the dunes. Mature woman in the dunes of Maspalomas. Destiny anal 25 anal. Prince of the dune. Cum on her ass pics. So much was done to build that universe that I don't see how Destiny could be part of it.

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